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20th Annual Triangle Breastfeeding Alliance Conference “Strategies to Optimize Breastfeeding and Wellness” will be on Thursday, May 11th 2023 at the WakeMed Andrews Center

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5/11/23 conference details and registration - This conference will explore the critical relationship between comfort, wellness and optimal breastfeeding outcomes. During the first morning session, culturally competent patient education will be explored as an important strategy for increasing the comfort level of breastfeeding families. This will be followed by a case scenario approach to perinatal mood disorders, highlighting the connection between mental health and breastfeeding success. In the afternoon, a panel of experts will discuss discomforts experienced by mothers and/or babies and the role of adjunct therapies in their treatment. Following the panel, the focus will turn to the impact of human milk on the incidence and severity of conditions such a hypertension, diabetes and elevated cholesterol.

Calendar of Events

This calendar of events is provided to help people be aware of educational and advocacy opportunities in addition to those offered by TBA. However, TBA is not endorsing these opportunities or recommending them. While every effort is made to keep this calendar up to date, TBA is not responsible for changes of dates or times that may vary from this calendar.

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